Monday, October 01, 2007


Sometimes u found that u got a mental illness, it is not a disease, but probably that's not a fun. u think that it sounds good to see the doctor, but u just cant move your steps to anywhere. it is because that is too late. that's a terminally ill. i take the pills everyday, i, surely, take it with my whisky that i used to drink.
it's all about destroy, destroy what i hate, what i love, what i learn, what i have. Ridiculously, i am still alive, at least i am typing to my soul. But i know the truth, the truth is i would die soon definitely, that''s the brutal truth.


flykid said...

how r you doin ryan

張懷碑 said...

i am going to be fine.....
just let some pressure gas out, and then take a deep breath, i would be fine.
Opps! better vice versa.


flykid said...